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So Bendan has a lot of funny things he has been saying lately..I thought I would share them.. He kind of cracks us up.. Poor Talmage our third son is so sad that when he says the same things he doesn't get the same reaction as when Bendan says them..
I wish I would have finished this post long ago!!!!Now its been to long I can't remember..
I think some of things he said was "its for the ladies" 

Boys Trip

Boys trip!!!!

So Dan and the boys decided to go on a trip up North.. to Winchester Mansion..
I had a very busy weekend so they decided to go have fun..

I love the color of this barn!

They half camped in canvas tents with heated beds at this camp ground on their way to Herst Castle..

Cool lighthouse, not sure where this is at?? 

Addison by the water...

Beautiful!! I am jealous!!! Look at the mountains and the water!!
These are my favorite pictures!!
They never were able to see the Castle..they bought there tickets and got on the bus then the Castle cancelled all there tours for the day due to weather. They were so sad, but were able to go visit Uncle greg on the way home.. All in all the had a wonderful, fun trip. It was a great bonding trip for all of them. I think it should be annual thing!! 


Talmage and Bendan,
Best of friends...
( well most of the time)

I love it when my boys play so nicely together!!
 It makes my heart melt!


Christmas was at our little home this year

Auntie Katy got the kids Lacross sticks

Tals technique, he's ready for battle!
Unlce Dave showing the kids how its done!

Auntie Katy and Grandma poising for my new camera, Thanks Rick and Colleen I missed having a camera..mine has been broken for 6 months.

Not sure what Bri is doing! Silly boy..

13 Years!!!

We celebrated 13 years of marriage on August 24..

Dan and I were able to go back to the
Mission Inn in Riverside
where we spent the first night of our honeymoon 13 years ago.

It is beautiful there, the picture below was right in front of our room.

After a romantic dinner, where we ate outside on a beautiful patio with blooming flowers and birds singing,
( Dan and I tried to throw bread on eachothers shoulders so those singing birds would swoop as close to the others head and scare the living day lights out of the other!)
It was quite fun!
we were able to take a guided tour and learn lots of things about the mission and tour the nicest rooms, no room in the inn is the same.. and did you know that the Mission Inn was a never a mission it was just built to look like one..
The room we stayed in was one of the rooms the guides had never seen and they asked if they could please come in..
So our room was on the tour!
We are still not sure why we got such a nice room, but it was greatly appreciated!

We had a great time!
It was so nice to be able to get away for awhile
to remember how much fun we have together!!
I Love this guy!!
He is a wonderful father and husband...I am blessed to have him in my life!



So while at the beach this summer,

A surfer came up to me and asked if my kids wanted to learn to surf...

$40.00 later (what a steal of a deal) my kids were learning to surf,

our good friend Gavin also got to join in on the fun!

Talmage stood up and rode the wave each time!!

Addison also was able to catch each of the waves!!

So this is Brierton,
I took the picture with my phone because my camera is broken;-(
Not sure where the other half of the picture is but
I promise he was surfing as well!!!!

So the Boys are now addicted to surfing, they loved every minute of it. A surf board is now on the top of their Christmas list.

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